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Case Studies - Neil's

We were referred to Neill’s Flour for an initial enquiry regarding their workwear needs, as their current workwear provider was not meeting all of their expectations.

We quickly established that Neill’s Flour needed a quick audit of the work force to determine:

  1. How many staff actually needed Personal Protective Clothing
  2. What their role was in the plant
  3. The frequency they needed to change their uniforms i.e. Weekly or Daily for high care areas

Once all of these factors were established we were able to present a detailed proposal of costs and service levels to Neill’s Flour.  When our proposal was accepted we ordered workwear, which was labelled for each individual staff member and included corporate logos.

We provide Neill’s Flour with a fully managed laundry service which includes placing personalised workwear into each staff members locker.

We are in touch with Neill’s Flour on a monthly basis to ensure any new starts are provided with new workwear and any worn workwear is replaced. 

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